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London, England
Astoria Theater

Source: Webcast

01.  Bigger Stronger
02.  Shiver
03.  Spies
04.  Trouble
05.  Yellow
06.  Everything's Not Lost

Notes: On same disc as Harlow Square 2000-05-25? Recieved in a Mail Trade,
Rating is a 5 out of 10, Sound is low.

Coldplay 2000-01-30t01Bigger Stronger.mp3 Coldplay 2000-01-30t01Bigger Stronger.mp3
Size : 13245.917 Kb
Type : mp3
Coldplay 2000-01-30t02Shiver.mp3 Coldplay 2000-01-30t02Shiver.mp3
Size : 12165.305 Kb
Type : mp3
Coldplay 2000-01-30t03Spies.mp3 Coldplay 2000-01-30t03Spies.mp3
Size : 10384.692 Kb
Type : mp3
Coldplay 2000-01-30t04Trouble.mp3 Coldplay 2000-01-30t04Trouble.mp3
Size : 10975.509 Kb
Type : mp3
Coldplay 2000-01-30t05Yellow.mp3 Coldplay 2000-01-30t05Yellow.mp3
Size : 11862.243 Kb
Type : mp3
Coldplay 2000-01-30t06Everthing's Not Lost.mp3 Coldplay 2000-01-30t06Everthing's Not Lost.mp3
Size : 12422.447 Kb
Type : mp3

Coldplay: Live Cologne, Germany April 7th 2005 at the Gloria

This is another one of the secret concerts.

This was broadcast by NDR2 (german broadcast station) on June 20th and i got it thru analog satellite radio broadcast.
It was recorded by another german radio-broadcast station "Eins Live".

The "Gloria"-Location is a very small club. They played for about 800 people.

On PC-side i used Magix cleaning lab 2003 to record this. I connected the pc on the output from the tape-recorder.
On the Input-side was my hifi-receiver which was connected to the sat-receiver.

Lineage: analog satellite radio broadcast --> Magix Cleaning Lab2003 --> waves -->  FLACs (SBE Level8) --> you

Quality: A+ (for my ears)

Setlist: (running time 76 Min.)
Square One
Speed of Sound
God put a smile upon your face
Warning Sign
The Scientist
Till Kingdom Come
What If
In my Place
A Message
Fix you

01_SquareOne.mp3 01_SquareOne.mp3
Size : 13065.264 Kb
Type : mp3
02_Politik.mp3 02_Politik.mp3
Size : 13049.958 Kb
Type : mp3
03_SpeedOfSound.mp3 03_SpeedOfSound.mp3
Size : 11204.039 Kb
Type : mp3
04_GodPutASmileUponYourFace.mp3 04_GodPutASmileUponYourFace.mp3
Size : 12648.938 Kb
Type : mp3
05_WarningSign.mp3 05_WarningSign.mp3
Size : 13072.407 Kb
Type : mp3
06_X&Y.mp3 06_X&Y.mp3
Size : 10562.203 Kb
Type : mp3
07_Yellow.mp3 07_Yellow.mp3
Size : 10967.305 Kb
Type : mp3
08_Low.mp3 08_Low.mp3
Size : 13487.713 Kb
Type : mp3
09_TheScientist.mp3 09_TheScientist.mp3
Size : 14276.488 Kb
Type : mp3
10_TillKingdomCome.mp3 10_TillKingdomCome.mp3
Size : 9887.713 Kb
Type : mp3
11_Clocks.mp3 11_Clocks.mp3
Size : 12841.795 Kb
Type : mp3
12_WhatIf.mp3 12_WhatIf.mp3
Size : 12261.183 Kb
Type : mp3
13_InMyPlace.mp3 13_InMyPlace.mp3
Size : 9624.447 Kb
Type : mp3
14_AMessage.mp3 14_AMessage.mp3
Size : 11280.57 Kb
Type : mp3
15_FixYou.mp3 15_FixYou.mp3
Size : 11698.938 Kb
Type : mp3